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  1. Mr Badal spoke to he on the phone yesterday where he said the damage cause by white fly was a ‘symptom’ of poor governance in Punjab. He said other things as well. I want to post that conversation on the website. Kindly send me a large photo: 810 pixels by 500 pixels.


  2. I wud just coment on present state of employement scene in Amritsar..There is NO single IT company here in a city with about 15 engineering colleges… No Big factory… I have seen young boys going mad in search of Jobs & engaging in crimes & eve teasing…just because there are absolutely NO jobs…City has over 1 lakh Threewheelrs with 40 year old Road infrastructure..its a DEAD city… with garbage heaps & polution everywhere.. I hate living here…and I have no shame in calling it a Hell rather than my Home…. Let me know..

    I personalyy take Manpreet badal as avery learned person..and Desprately want him to stand out of Vote politics & do something concrete for Punjab & its dieing cities… Bring IT inductry here with factories …so that our youth dosent have to go to Pune , Mumbai , Banaglore or Canada to start their Life….

    Seriously Punjab is a State without an educated Youth…. highly frustrated with this……

  3. jaggi says:

    yar update ta kar deya karo these are old pictures

  4. s. badal saab you going forward we are all with you
    I am from zira

  5. Amandeep singh kaler says:

    I watched your interview on Das Pardas Ch today I live in khamano punjab.
    I wanted to tell you that I was very impress with you interview keep this momentum up mr. manpreet singh badal. we suppport and my all frds………

  6. Mr. Manpreet Singh Badal.

    I watched your interview on Das Pardas Ch today. I live in Surrey, BC. Canada.
    I wanted to tell you that I was very impress with you interview today, It brought me to tears. I was born in punjab, but moved to Canada at a young age. From that age to know, Its the first I been able feel suck pride to have been born in Punajab. You’ve proved that the vaules that my father has brought me up with, do exist in true people of Punjab. I’m a Canadian citizen hence I can not vote you for. But I you will be in my prayers, May the Lord bless you with success. Please keep this love you our Punjab in your heart and alway do what you’ve said in all your interview since you’ve left as a MLA. The the youth of Punjab are looking up to you a role model, and Punjab Gov’t need a change and that change with grace of God will be you.

    Thank you and Good luck,
    Harpreet K. Gill
    Surrey’ BC Canada

  7. “teri kini ku bhiali hai akali dal wich
    seet ik v na khali hai akali dal wich”

    veer ji bahit wadhiya kita tusi apni wakhri soch naal wakhri party kayam kiti hai.
    main party da constitution parh lya hia bahut wadhiya lagga.

    m with you. koi sewa hove ta jaroor daso.

    your own..
    Harvinder Singh Rattan

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  8. NARINDER says:

    Pls stick to your commitments, maintain the much required ‘cleanliness’ and always remember the martyrs, the WIN will be yours because general public has seen each and every politician here, knows well but has no other option than to elect/choose the same corrupt people again and again because … CHEHRE BADAL JATE HAIN, CHARITAR WOHI REHTE HAIN.

  9. keep this momentum up mr. manpreet singh badal. we suppport you..

  10. Satwinder says:

    Main rahan te nai turda
    main turda haan ta rah b ande ne

    S.Manpreet BAdal Zindabaad

  11. channy says:


  12. aarti says:

    “Rehnuma jinko banaya thaa woh raahjan ban gaye,
    ab jaruri hai ki har keemat pe aye inqlab”.

    All the best for starting this “inqlab” Mr. Badal.

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