This website is a token of appreciation to Manpreet Singh Badal for his efforts to redefine the standards of politics in Punjab. The team who developed this website is not connected to Manpreet Singh Badal or Akali Dal political party in any way. We just want to show our support to him in best possible way we can do while creating a source of information about Manpreet Singh who came as beacon of light in this era of darkness which Punjabi is going through.
Below is a brief biography of Sr. Manpreet Singh Badal:
  • Born on July 26, 1962 to the home of Sardar Gurdas Singh Badal
  • Education Qualification: Doon School Dehradun, BA (Hons.) from Delhi’s St Stephen’s college and LL.B.(Hons.) from London
  • Sports/Clubs- Represented Punjab in National Games in basketball in 1981-1982/President, Raja Porus Club, Gidderbaha
  • Elected to the Punjab Vidhan Sabha in a By-election in May 1995, 1997 and in February, 2002 and 2007 and remained Member of several committees of Punjab Vidhan Sabha.
  • Member Senate, Panjab University Chandigarh, Punjabi University Patiala; Member Regional Engineering College, Jalandhar.
  • He worked for the overall development of the constituency; attended all the conference of the party.
  • Remained Member of General Purposes Committee of Punjab Vidhan Sabha and Chief Whip of SAD Legislature Party in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha; working as Spokesman and Incharge, Media & Publicity Wing of SAD.
  • Visited Iraq to see the system of agriculture farming as a Member of Punjab Delegation.
  • Travels/ Countries – Most of the European countries, North America And south East Asia.
  • Manpreet Singh Badal neither has any security cover nor does he use red light. He said: “I am in public life on my own choice and feel no threat to my life from any body”. He had told the police authorities that he did not need static police guards at his residence. The police authorities said, the deployment of static guards there to protect the government property and not for his security. He often drive his own vehicle.

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  12. Mr. Badal I just had a thought that a political clan member did a revolution with in a family which is very popular in punjab since your uncle did a spark. I would like to mention few things.
    1. Thought came that your inner side have seen world so you may have concluded that selfless service is a mother and righteousness is father and discipline is a son.
    2. If the intention is to play a game of love I would like join game of lovers.
    3.According to every breath it says this life is for everyone as whole.
    4. Your innocent and genuine opinions are the witnesses of every speech you made.
    5. keep it up road is there for drive.

  13. Dear Mr. Badal,

    You are a wave of fresh air for the people Punjab who have been exposed to the stink of various so called leaders over the years. I hope you succeed in inculcating the values of a ‘nation state’ in the people of Punjab. It’s important for the people to realise what a state is!

    Kind regards,


  14. Sunil says:

    We are with you…………….

  15. Yadi Manprret Jeet jatey hain aur sarkar bananey ka mauka milta hai to yeh kiskey sath gatbandhan karkey sarkar banayainge? Akali BJP ke saath to inka gathbanhdan hoga nahi. BSP shayad hi koi seat jeetey. Baki bachi congress, to kya congress jaisi bharashat sarkar ke sath gathbandhan karaingey. Yadi wo congerss ke saath gathbandhan kartey to yeh to bhrashtachar se pehley se hi pidit janta se ek dhokha hoga? Kripya Manpreet ji ki jeet ke baad honey wale gathbandhan ke barey main spashta karain kyonki apney dum par yeh sarkar bana laingey yeh bhi sambhav nahi lagta. Dhanyawad HariOm

  16. Manmeet Singh says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you in person today in Sunnyvale CA. I was really impressed with your clear ideas and simple theory of fixing top-down approach. I think your way to connect with people and common sense approach is whats needed to Fix the system.
    Go for it.

  17. Manpreet Ji, Sat sri Akal,I am your big fan.I hope the people of Punjab love to see the corrupt free Punjab.Till now it had been a dream for the people of Punjab.But from the time you have started your new political career it seems to be coming true.I request you to give neat & clean candidates to the people who can fulfill your dreams.If you give corrupt free candidates to the people,I hope nobody will be able to defeat you.

  18. Sir,
    I am glad to see your support in Punjab and I am very much eager to see you as a coming CM. I am living in Australia from last 2 years before that i was in another country for three years. living standards of this countries are far advanced and community networks are better controlled here. The biggest reason I noticed is corruption in our state and lack of knowledge and rights. people of our state specially age group of above 35 is very much influenced with religious prospect. thats why they go for the outer face of our political parties, far away from actual situations and circumstances. they have to understand politics and Religion should be seen differently and they cannot be joined,specially when the state is multicultural. Where people lives in a particular place with different beliefs.
    For sure the Educated people of our state and the age group under 35 will totally agrees and appreciate your agenda and will love to contribute to make a healthy, Wealthy and future concerned Place known as our ” RANGLA PUNJAB “.

    But please dont forget the young generation of pujab living in countries like Australia and New zealand, which will support you unconditionally.

    Best of luck 🙂

  19. mandeep singh says:

    sat shri akal punjab de lok kehnde se vot pa ke ki karna dove partiya hi marhiya ne kise nei kuch nahi swarna mein kehnda punjab nu pyar karan wala manpreet singh badal agaya a vote for manpreet singh badal win the punjab peoples

  20. Raj Bhardwaj says:

    Dear All,
    In my previous article I had explained the personality traits of Manpreet Badal, based on the position of Venus in his birth chart. Today I am defining the traits imbibed by the SUN , which is in the Pushya Nakhatra , in his birth chart. The Vedas give the following important aspects for Pushya, Thus:-
    Brihaspati desired, “May I possess the splendour of spiritual knowledge.” One who makes the appropriate offering to Brihaspati, to Pushya, gains the splendour of spiritual knowledge.
    Pushya connects us with the spiritual knowledge, as also religion, ritual and morality in general. Through these qualities the Good overcomes the Evil.

    General Characteristics: In control of passions, well liked, learned in various subjects, rich and fond of doing charitable acts.
    Translation: To provide nourishment
    Symbol: The udder of a cow, Flower, a circle, an arrow
    Animal Symbol: A ram
    Ruling Planet: Saturn
    Nature: Deva (God-like)
    Presiding deity: Brihaspati, the planet Jupiter who is the lord of sacred speech and prayer
    Favorable: Hard working; creative; tolerant of pain; intelligent; learned; liked by many; spiritual; intuitive wisdom; helps others; make good advisors and public servants; independent; interested in education and humanitarian causes; philanthropic; socially adept; make people feel wanted; selfless; good finances; respected; moderate; have spiritual practice; passionate and defensive about the things they believe in.
    Unfavorable: Can become Stubborn; arrogant; dogmatic; fundamentalist; overly sensitive; doubtful of their worth due to what others say about them; devotion can turn to victimization; get defrauded by believing in the wrong people; insecurities inhibit growth.

    Male Natives Physical Features: It is very difficult to define or describe the body structure or the look of Pushyami born native, as there is no specific structure exclusively enjoyed by Pushyami born. In other words, varying sizes are noticed. One rare sign, as a mark of identification noticed in these persons, is that there can be a distinguished mark, may be a scar or a black mole on the face.
    Character and general events: He is generally weak at heart and thus at times finds it difficult to reach at conclusion on any matter. He will have good knack of behavior. The outward expression is positive. He responds quickly to admiration and can become quickly deflated,within him, by criticism, Giving himself to love and affection with sincerity and appreciation, yet he is ever mindful of slights hence hesitates to form strong attachments. He has to be very careful with his friends.
    He may not be a good anticipator.He is very good in certain work and sweet words are just a natural expression for him. It would be better if he asseses his capacity and ability for the specific field where he can shine well and then start doing the job. If that is done, NOBODY ON EARTH can stop him in achieving the requisite results. One of the plus points for him is that he is not easily vulnerable to defeat and he pushes his way up through every obstacle . He will show extra-ordinary intelligence and knowledge on any matter of discussion. Another plus point for him is that he will resist tooth and nail any idea or programme or work which is not within the spirit of law. He is of the opinion that all wrong doers must be punished whether they are his friends or relatives or enemies. He will carry out any work entrusted to him with utmost sincerely and certainty. His abilities are many faceted. He may have faced few health problems up to the age of 15-16 years and thereafter he will enjoy a mixture of good and bad, where plus will be less and minus will be more up to the age of 32 years. From the age of 33 years, there will be remarkable all round improvements i.e. economically, socially and in health. In most cases it has been seen that Pushyami born will stay away from his native place and family for his work. He normally undertakes the work where maximum traveling is involved.
    As the Sun also happens to be the significator of his progeny, a number of traits given above will be acquired by his Son and Daughter. He and his wife may have faced problems in the case of one of their progeny.
    My next write up will be on Saturn,which is very strong in his chart and is aspected by Rahu and Sun, which generally bestow POWERS to those in politics.
    All the best and many happy tidings for Manpreet.

  21. Raj Bhardwaj says:

    I give below one of few important Social Initiatives taken by Manpreet Badal, for your information:-


    For a long time access to clean drinking water had remained a big problem for people in Malwa region. To solve this problem, Manpreet Badal spearheaded the Safe Drinking Water Project and in 2008 Gidderbaha became the first legislative assembly constituency in India where the Community based Safe Drinking Water Plants were initiated.Today all the villages in the constituency have 100 per cent access to safe drinking water. The project is being undertaken by Naandi Foundation , a prominent development organisation. Clean water plants and kiosks were commissioned in record time. Naandi group also implemented a well designed behavioural change communication strategy for enlisting community participation. Today, the quality of water available in Gidderbaha matches with the standards set up by World Health Organisation (WHO). This helps families protect themselves against water borne diseases which leads to a saving of at least $100 per year for a family of six people. The scheme has been so successful that it is being implemented in 1200 other villages in the state. The model is being emulated in other states including Haryana.
    I will wite about some other initiatives of Manpreet Badal in due course.

  22. u r the iron man of th punjab

  23. we r with u sir every time

  24. Good Wishes for a noble cause.Punjabi mangte nahin,daate si,daate hi banaune aa.Sir uccha chack ke saare India te pooree dunia vich daani te khud-daar ban ke jeena hai Punjabeean ne.subsidiyan te kharaitan nahin chahidian,Punjabee aan baan te shaan chaheedi aa.Third front walian nu bee Jago Punjab Yatra vich naal naal le ke chalo.Manpreet ji jawab jaroor dena.Girdhari

  25. Manpreet Ji,
    Sat Shri Akal. You are the one who can lead the path to take Punjab back onto glory. These termites (akalies and congressies) have eaten the very fabric of Punjab.
    May God bless you with the courage to carry your mission forward.

    Haripaul Sharma

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