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Fair & Square with Manpreet Singh Badal


Manpreet Badal shares his thoughts with Kanwar Sandhu in Fair & Square program on March 27th after announcing his new political party “People’s Party of Punjab”.

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  1. Babbu Minhas says:

    Respected manpreet singh ji , I like your movement . We and our family and friend fully support to you . I personally like to meet with you and discuss .
    Hope to hear from you .
    Babbu Minhas
    604 872 2229

  2. J.S.Nagra says:

    Nagra Family and all 27 Relatives Local Area residents, plus various friends declare their full support for PPP, if promises declared & made are kept.With Best Wishes for PPP

    Nagra Family,Relatives/Friends

  3. I hope Manpreet will not give tickets to criminals. We expect that a candidate should be atleast GRADUATE whether in Punjabi, Hindi or English doesnt matter.
    We are fed up from criminals, illiterates, drugy, alcoholics, casteists politicians.
    One time Punjab was number 1 STATE (India Today) but now at 28th Position What the hell these politicians are doing? even Bihar and Orrisa are progressing.
    We are with you Manpreet, CHAK DE PATTHE……….

  4. kawal says:

    main tareef ni krda manpreet badal di, par atleast ohna di gall ch accountability c, not like odr politiacians jina kol har gall da jawaab dat YES WE WILL DO IT nd do nothing later on, atleast he was FAIR, dat he has plans 2 giv the ticket to his father from lambi, he didnt lie, while he cod easily hav like odrs.

  5. Nittu Khatak says:

    Dear Sir ,
    With due Request, I Whant to Join PPP party , I willong to dist. Mansa 151505 ( PB )

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